Ob-Session against the Star Wars theme - for clarinet solo

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Ob-Session against the Star Wars theme - for clarinet solo
Daniel Mihai
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Для одного исполнителя
Си-бемоль мажор
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For this composition i reach one of the meaning of the ONE obsession against one of the known movie theme in the world
All the feelings and remarks are encouraged to be exposed in this short composition.
I bring that idea following and watching the movie and i want to thank God who inspire me to use like a thrilling line theme to express the beauty, the sound of this kind of instrument!
I compose with this impression who is in my perception a mood.
Also I want to put all the feelings and to conquest the whole atmosphere because
I choose to compose this to express the postmodern sense for Mister Alex Sramek!
The shorts moments are the best because what you feel in that moments is very exciting. The modulation appears like a remembering in the feelings and the skills of the WORDS,and vocalises in only 60 seconds.
I hope with this miniature to be a special one, remembering and also connecting the past with the future, only in this PRESENT day!
And I hope this is will be a SPECIAL ONE!

Дата публикации: 31 май 2013
Всего скачиваний: 5


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15.00 USD
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