Con-Sor-Ti-Um Song in Bachian Style

Con-Sor-Ti-Um Song in Bachian Style

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Con-Sor-Ti-Um Song
Daniel Mihai
Daniel Mihai
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old sacred text
Daniel Mihai
Daniel Mihai
Блюз / С вокалом
Виолончель, Сопрано
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Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей
Ми минор
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Daniel Mihai studied with the Maestro and teachers like Serban Nichifor, Stefan Gheorghiu and a lot of great teachers of Romanian School of Music (National University of Music in Bucharest)!
The first teacher in my life was my father who brings my special love to music and special to my first love- violine!
He has attended MBA courses in the Faculty of Performing Art, with the objective of improvement and assimilation of all knowledge related to contemporary music.I am teacher of violine in Constanta and also i play with pleasure this kind of music wherever! Also, I finish my final thesis in March, this gorgeous year!

For this composition i reach one of the meaning of the whole personality of a Great Composer like Bach in my perception and also who involves all the postmodern sense on this fancy instrument-voice
I hope with this miniature to be a special one, remembering and also connecting the past with the future, only in this PRESENT day!
The shorts moments are the best because what you feel in that moments is very exciting. The theme appears like a remembering in the feelings and the skills of the voice tehniques and expressions in only 60 seconds.The cello part is in a contrapunctic mood made!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND I AM GLAD TO INCLUDE THIS composition for the contest of 15 Minutes of Fame!

Дата публикации: 14 авг 2013
Всего скачиваний: 5


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